Project: Jewish magic realist collection

This is a page to keep track of the Jewish magic realist pieces that shall go into a collection one day. Tentative titles are either Thirteen Principles of Faith, or The Fiddlerose (though hesitant to take it from Sutzkever).



Thirteen Principles of Faith” (poem, Apex) – magic realist meditation on faith, immigration, folklore, and family.

If I had Reb Yoel’s violin” (prose poem, inkscrawl) – a legend from the Holocaust, reinterpreted with birds.

לכבוד אַ סטרונע (Lekoved a Strune)“ (poem, Through the Gate) – a meditation on the fiddle rose.

The Three Immigrations “(poem, Strange Horizons) – what it says on the tin.

The Rotten Leaf Cantata,”  (prose poem, Strange Horizons) – divorce, and a Chesterfield.

A Horse from the Merry-Go-Round” (poem, Goblin Fruit) – how it dances.

“The Mikveh of Past Meanings” (Other Countries: Contemporary Poets Rewiring History, edited by Claire Trévien and Gareth Prior) – a poem about texts and ritual immersions.


Short(er) pieces ( up to 1500 words)

Giant” (Not One of Us) – a second-person magic realist piece about Alan Dundes.

Theories of Pain” (Daily Science Fiction) – the man who experienced pain as fruit.

Kifli” (Strange Horizons) – mothers, dishes, baked goods.

““Seven Losses of Na Re” (Daily Science Fiction) – Stalin, Jews, and permafrost.

“No Longer Lacking an Onion” (Goldfish Grimm) – a somewhat humorous flash about family and shrinking McMansions.

Bone Shadows” (Interfictions) – curating pain.

“The Shapes of Us, Translucent to Your Eye” (forthcoming, Journal of Unlikely Academia) – teaching ghosts.

Teffeu: A Book from the Library at Taarona” (Strange Horizons)- books, languages, forgetting.

These are the Roads that Loop and Entwine me” (Bahamut) – a magic realist memoir about leaving  Luriberg (a companion piece to “The Three Immigrations”).


Short Stories

Geddarien” (Fantasy Magazine) – musicians, Holocaust, a dancing city.

A City on its Tentacles” (Lackington’s) – a mother, a pearl, a chronically ill child.

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R.B. Lemberg is a queer, bigender immigrant from Eastern Europe and Israel. Their work has appeared in Lightspeed, Strange Horizons, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Unlikely Story, Uncanny, and other venues, and has been a finalist for the Nebula, Crawford, and other awards.

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