For 2014, I am eligible with prose (short stories), poetry (short poetry category), and as Best Fan Writer.

Regarding Best Fan Writer, I’ve never before considered myself a candidate, but in the spirit of #dontselfreject, I do think I qualify. For my essays, look in Essays the category. Especially highlighted are: “Encouraging Diversity – An Editor’s Perspective,” “Diversity of Voice and Theme,” and “Reading, Writing, and Submitting.” I have also been active on Twitter as @roselemberg.

In 2014, I had three original short stories appear: “A City on its Tentacles” (Lackington’s), “No Longer Lacking an Onion” (Goldfish Grimm), and “Stalemate” (Lackington’s). Two are highlighted for awards with updated reviews:

A City on its Tentacles” – a slipstream/fantasy/magic realist short story about a mother and a chronically ill child.

“…a gorgeous read that became even complex and powerful for me on reflection” – Vanessa Fogg

“What a gorgeous terrible city, framing Luba — a mother drawn with both delicacy and intensity ” – M Sereno

“The story you tell might save someone. A Rose Lemberg story might save you.” – Sofia Samatar

Stalemate” – a far-future SF story about friendship, art, and loss.

“Stalemate” is a balancing act, musing on responsibility and its limits, the role of art in society, and giving the ages-old argument between individualism and collectivism cosmic scope. – Amal El-Mohtar,

Lemberg proves to be a master of the slow build with this piece.”  -Paige Kimble

“Peeling away the layers, what we find here is a story of friendship.” – Lois Tilton, Locus

The following 11 poems are eligible for the Rhysling Award (all of them in the short poetry category).

If you’d rather only consider highlights, then maybe .. hm…”Baba Yaga..” in Apex. It’s funny. Also, “The Law of Germinating Seeds” in GF.

The Law of Germinating Seeds,”  Goblin Fruit, Fall 2014.

The rivers, the birchgroves, all the receding earth,” Strange Horizons.

After the Mistress of the Copper Mountain,” Through the Gate 5.

“Peregrinations in Change and Fear,”Poems for the Queer Revolution.

Baba Yaga Tries to Donate Money,” Apex

Dualities,” Mythic Delirium, October 2014

Landwork,Goblin Fruit.

Earth Map,”  Mythic Delirium

The Rotten Leaf Cantata,” Strange Horizons.

Salamander Song,” with music by Emily Jiang,  Strange Horizons

“The Mikveh of Past Meanings,” Other Countries: Contemporary Poets Rewiring History, edited by Claire Trévien and Gareth Prior.

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