My Birdverse poem “Ranra’s Unbalancing” is up at Strange Horizons. It’s about a ruler trying to save her people from disaster; also about quince seeds.

For those following Birdverse, Ranra is the mythic matriarch of the Ranravan/Kekeri family (who appear in Geometries of Belonging and in my older novelette Held Close in Syllables of Light). It’s something of a theme in my Birdverse work that Ranra’s descendants think about her story, each in different ways. “Ranra’s Unbalancing” is in Ranra’s own voice.

I put a lot into the reading of it, too – the mp3 is available as a part of the November poetry podcast, with readings of other poems by Octavia Cade, Lev Mirov, and Alice Fanchiang.

The traditional song quoted in my poem is “The New York Trader”. I really like this version of it by Kadril.

This poem would not have been possible without the support of my Patreon backers. This year, Patreon support allowed me to write many Birdverse pieces that I would not have otherwise written. If you like my work, I hope you consider supporting me.

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