In a strange and marvelous turn of events, I have a piece on the Locus Recommended Reading List. It is my poem “Archival Testimony Fragments/Minersong.”


A poem I wrote is on the Locus Recommended Reading List.

Under Short Stores.

I only know of one other poem that has been on the list: Paul Park’s “Ragnarok,” a few years ago. (I’d love to hear about any others).

Strange, and marvelous, and a great honor.

Archival Testimony Fragments/Minersong” is a poem about living ships, and memory, and corporations, and unlikely connections made and honored. It has been published in the second issue of Uncanny Magazine. There’s a haunting, terrific podcast of it by C.S.E.Cooney, who reads it in multiple voices.

My work also appears in Letters to Tiptree and Sisters of the Revolution, which are on the Locus Recommended List this year.

If you are so inclined, consider voting in the Locus Poll! Obviously you do not have to vote for me – there’s a lot of tremendous work on the list – but it’s definitely a rare chance to vote for a POEM!

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