I’m very pleased to announce that two of my poems from 2015 have been nominated for the Rhysling Award in the LONG poetry category:

  1. Long Shadow” (Strange Horizons), which already took 2nd place in the Strange Horizons Readers’ poll;
  2. Archival Testimony Fragments/minersong” (Uncanny), also on the Locus Recommended Reading list.

Both poems are included in my new poetry collection from Aqueduct, MARGINALIA TO STONE BIRD.

Really glad to see so many nominations from Strange Horizons. They had a tremendous year of poetry. Among my favorites are Ryu Ando’s “Season of the Ginozakura,” which is his first published poem; M. Sereno’s powerful “Adarna“; and Gabby Reed’s “Lola” (almost anything with grandmothers is an instant win for me), among many others I’m happy to see on the Rhysling list.

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