I have neglected updating here – my apologies. I have had so many health setbacks over the last few months; but it’s finally spring here, and so I want to be optimistic.

My science fictional short story “These are the attributes by which you shall know God” has appeared in GlitterShip, edited by Keffy M. Kehrli. You can read the text and/or listen to the narration by Bogi Tak√°cs! Maria Haskins’ lovely review highlights it as one of 9 (extra) outstanding stories of March 2019:

Lemberg weaves a beautiful, profound, and dazzling story about language and architectural forms, advanced geometry, Leviathans, philosophy and religion, and about how one human comes to a deeper understanding of the aliens and space itself.

I am also very happy with the publication of my poem “Medusa” at Fireside Magazine, where it was edited by Julia Rios. It is an angry, spoken word poem about immigration, trauma, the desire to belong, and the pitfalls of assimilation. The inimitable C.S.E. Cooney narrates it. I feel so lucky to work with such incredible people.

I’ll try to post more updates here soon.

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