My upcoming Birdverse debut The Four Profound Weaves has received not one, but two starred reviews from trade journals: The Publishers Weekly, and the Library Journal. I couldn’t be happier.

Publishers Weekly (for full review, please click the link):

Lemberg’s outstanding debut novel expands on the short stories of the Birdverse that they have been publishing for about a decade […] Uiziya and nen-sasaïr’s journey is enthralling and frequently moving, as along the way they are repeatedly faced with the choice “to care or not, as all people do.” Lemberg writes deeply considered, evocative portraits of their characters, handling sexuality and gender especially well. This diverse, folkloric fantasy world is a delight to visit.

The Library Journal review (for full review please click the link):

Nebula-nominated Lemberg’s first novella, set in their deeply queer “Birdverse” universe, presents a beautiful, heartfelt story of change, family, identity, and courage. Centering two older transgender protagonists in the midst of emotional and physical journeys highlights the deep, meaningful prose that Lemberg always brings to their stories.

The book will be published on September 4th; meanwhile, you can preorder it from Tachyon or from a variety of other book retailers, and/or put it on your Goodreads list.

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