You can buy it from Tachyon or other retailers.

“In this first full-length novel from the acclaimed Birdverse, new love blossoms between an impatient starkeeper and a reclusive poet as they try together to save their island home. The Unbalancing is a gorgeous tale of the inevitable transformations of communities and their worlds rooted in the mystical cosmology, neurodiversity, and queerness that infuses Lemberg’s lyrical prose, which has invited glowing comparisons to N. K. Jemisin, Patricia A. McKillip, and Ursula K. Le Guin.”

I am doing an in-person launch at The Raven bookstore in Lawrence and hope some of you can come see me there.

Some praise for THE UNBALANCING:

[STARRED REVIEW] “Lovingly crafted with a deep and rewarding world full of complex characters who are often LGBTQIA+ and/or neurodiverse, this is an outstanding novel from a rising star in fantasy fiction.”

“In a narrative by turns gentle and implacable, Lemberg writes movingly and magnificently about disaster, survival, and hope.” Kate Elliott
“The finely wrought first full-length outing into Lemberg’s inclusive and lushly folkloric Birdverse universe…Brisk action balances the meditations on gender and glimpses of the complex magic system…. It’s bittersweet and lovely.”
—Publishers Weekly

“The lush lyricism of the mythology, culture and history in The Unbalancing is illustrious and transportive. It’s an enchanting world of star lore, magic and gender identity with a roster of heartfelt characters told with such rich prose…” Tlotlo Tsamaase

“Lemberg’s stories embrace truths that we are afraid to confront: that sometimes failure is inevitable, but that hopeful futures can still be found amid the destruction. … This is one of the most beautiful and important books I’ve read this year.” Nibedita Sen

“Beautiful and queer and challenging and tender. And it’s a story that could not have been told without Erígra’s autistic point of view, without a deep respect for needs like Erígra’s, which comes from lived, thoughtful experience.” Ada Hoffmann

“Lemberg’s prose is soaked in magic, magic that’s full of space and light and sound. The Unbalancing manages to be both ethereal and earthy….The Unbalancing isn’t a book that can be adequately summarized. It can only be experienced.” Craig L. Gidney

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