At the end of last year, I approached a few editors of speculative poetry to recommend five “Best of…” poems of 2012. I asked that the five recommended poems would be written, edited and published by other people, rather than the editors themselves. The various selections so far can be found at the poetry recommendations by editors tag. At the end of the series (in a few days) I will compile a master list!

Today’s editor is Mitchell Hart, the founder of inkscrawl, which he recently guest-edited. Mitchell is now hard at work editing a new magazine, Through the Gate.


Mitchell’s recommendations:

Tables Turned” by Adrienne J. Odasso (Stone Telling 8)

A beautiful poem with wording and imagery that is both delicate and terrifying.


A body that is bold to come” by Rose Lemberg (Goblin Fruit, Autumn 2012)

Well, it’s by Rose (and foxes are involved) – need more be said?


Torah and Secular Learning” by Bogi Takács (Strange Horizons, October 22)

This poem is indescribable – just go read it.


Warning Signs” by J.C. Runolfson (Jabberwocky 11)

Witty and rather tongue-in-cheek, yet delightfully eerie.


“Carve Me” by Alex Dally Macfarlane (Mythic Delirium 27)

A poignant, defiant love poem.


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