MAJOR THANKS to our wonderful supporters – those who donated and those who spread the word – we’re very close to hitting 50%! Can we get to $3000 today?

Last night, an Anonymous and Illustrious Patron of the Arts purchased the $600 reward, which means that I will be at Readercon 2015 with a Viking Extravaganza – I’ll recite an epic poem in Old Norse. I will provide translation, as well as a short introduction, for the small crowd of the donor’s choosing. I’m very excited!

Since it feels a bit lonely there at the higher-tier reward levels, I am adding a new, limited reward level at $100, called VOICE OF THE SEASTAR. I will write a poem for you! You will choose an element, a stone, and a texture for me to work with. If you’d like something more specific, we can talk! Previous work I’ve written for various fundraisers includes Godfather Death (for JoSelle Vanderhooft), Between the Mountain and the Moon (for Izlinda Hani Jamaluddin), Plucked from the Horo (for Brittany Warman), and more. $100 will buy a poem of up to 100 lines; please pledge $200 if you want epic length. In addition to poetry, you will get the following swag: a mention on our donors’ list, a postcard featuring the Alphabet of Embers cover art by Galen Dara, the trade paperback and the ebook versions of An Alphabet of Embers, the mp3 of “Embersong” (the theme song of the anthology, put to music and sung by Emily Jiang), and physical and ebook editions of Spelling the Hours.

And I’d like to end this entry on an industrial note, with a Letter F of Embers by Bogi Tak√°cs:


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