Between Ramár, the mountain above, and Nimár, the mountain below, lies the world kept safe by the the Journeymaker and her brother, the Wind Hoarder. Themes: Land stitching, war and its aftermath, the love of immortals and mortals, very many ravens.

One day I will write prose in this world. Maybe. So far, only poems live here. It feels right.

In the Third Cycle,” (epic poem, Strange Horizons). The Journeymaker’s lover, Keddar, has betrayed her. But he has since been reborn, and remembers nothing. The Wind Hoarder could help the lovers reunite – except that he, too, has feelings for Keddar.  – winner of the Rannu competition, 2011; Rhysling Award nominee, 2012; Winner, Strange Horizons Readers’ Poll, 2012. 

“The Journeymaker in Kestai,” (poem, Mythic Delirium 26). The Journeymaker must walk through Kestai, the desert of change. Will Keddar be walking behind her?

Where the ocean falls into itself,” (Apex Magazine, October 2013). A love poem set in Two-Mountain world.

“Wind-Hoarder to the Would-be Poet” (unpublished, unsent, and creepy).

The Journeymaker, Climbing,” (short poem, Goblin Fruit, Winter 2013). Mountains and crow deities. Dwarf Stars nominee. 

The Journeymaker to Keddar” (short poem. Goblin Fruit, Winter 2013) a somewhat prophetic poem about Keddar.

“The Journeymaker to Keddar” (long poem, part of Nistar Niglah, a collaborative project in progress) – marching orders.

“Authority” (short poem, part of Nistar Niglah).

“An Incantation for the Road,” (prose poem, part of Nistar Niglah).

Long Shadow” (epic poem, Strange Horizons) – a child, an orphan born from a tangle of past wars, steals the souls of the unborn. The Journeymaker tries to find a solution, but there are no easy answers to be had.


Land Poems

These poems are not all directly connected to the Cycle, but have a similar feel – they are landscape-rooted and land-wise.

“Call it Zorya” (Star*line, 2008) – one of the first poems I published, this one is about Kesteh, a mythical figure that created Kestai, the desert of change. (referenced in “The Journeymaker in Kestai”).

Landwork” (Goblin Fruit, Spring 2014) – a Rose/Journeymaker blend about land stitchery. Rhysling Award nominee

The rivers, the birchgroves, all the receding earth” (Strange Horizons, 2014). Spring floods, hares, the moon.

Earth Map” (Mythic Delirium, Dec 2014 ) – self as map as land. Also fears.

The Law of Germinating Seeds” (Goblin Fruit, Fall 2014). Buried, pebbleturned – unfit even to rot, frozen…